Want to expand your child’s learning in a fun & exciting way?  Why not get him or her a Leapster Learning System?

Leapster Learning SystemThe Leapster Explorer is a stimulating, hand-held gaming system that includes pre-set games, videos, and has lots of downloadable features and cartridges.  This device is very durable and has a very high educational factor to it — allowing kids to practice a range of skills from reading and writing to math and science all through play and entertainment.  The Leapster Learning System is focused on combining learning with fun, but don’t worry – your kids will love it.  The Leapfrog Explorer is light weight, has a touch screen with crystal clear images and a kid-friendly interface.

Leapster Explorer is similar to gaming devices that older kids and adults use. but plays age appropriate educational games.  Your child will be prompted to use certain buttons during game play, but the tethered stylus and touch screen are the main modes of interaction.

Expand Your Child’s Learning                Leapster Learning

Leapfrog has over 40 games (and expanding) which focus on topics and skills such as: art, music, imagination, math, reading, writing and spelling.  You can even track your child’s progress in specific games and subjects, if you choose.  The first time you connect the Leapster Learning System to your computer, you can set up a parent account which will show your child’s progress in different learning areas, and how much time he or she spends playing certain games.  This feature shows your child’s strongest and weakest subjects.  With this information, you can then help them improve on their weaknesses while expanding on their strengths.


Leapster Learning System – Product Details

Your Leapster Learning Game System comes with a Quick Start Guide with CD, parent guide and instructions.  The recommended age range is: 4 – 9 years and (4) AA batteries are required.

Leapster Explorer offers endless ways to play and learn skills like geography, reading, math and science.

Let me show you what current owners have to say about it.

Leapster SystemJose Ramirez -

I like the size of this gaming system – it’s great for home play, but is also convenient to take on the go.  Kids can keep playing & learning by playing cartridge games and by downloading “apps” into it.

The interface is very user friendly – a 4 yr. old can use it just fine and the color screen is a good size.  I like the fact I can sit next to my son and see what’s on the screen.  I just love the fact the Explorer adjusts to your child’s skill level.  Explorer will increase the difficulty of an activity if your child continues to excel with it.  It was great my son learned about triangles the other day.

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Another owner review -

Nubbee –                   Leapster Learning Systems

The Leapfrog Explorer is for kids aged 4-9, but my 2 1/2 year old will happily sit down & play with it.  There are vast variety of games for the Leapster Learning System, from school basics to life skills to creativity, science and more – so there’s sure to be something your kid will love.  The graphics in this hand-held are impressive.  I’ve tried several of the games, my current favorite is ToyStory 3.  I had to use math skills to help Woody find his way back to Andy and save the toys.  This game is sure to be a hit with your kids!

Some great things about Explorer – more than one child can have an account and it’s a good size…both for little hands & for Mom and Dad.  Easy to toss in a bag for travel.

Some bummers – Leapfrog makes a recharger base, but it’s sold separately which means you’ll go thru AA batteries quickly unless you buy the recharger.  With the eBooks, you have to be very precise when touching the words, which may be frustrating for younger users.

Overall, I’m really happy we got the Leapfrog Explorer.

Review Paraphrased for size – see full & original review here.

Learning doesn’t have to be a chore – for you or for your kids.  There are a few vital points that will help your child stay on track when it comes to homework, studying and learning in general.  Some of these main points are:  having a specific area for homework and study, regularity – have a specific time when homework & studying are done, no TV turned on during homework or study, and having the proper tools at home, like a good dictionary and encylopedia.